About Dave

Dave Sinclair is a novelist, screenwriter and dance off champion.

His novel, The Barista’s Guide to Espionage out soon with Fahrenheit Press!

A prolific writer, he has spent a lot of time trying to break into the publishing world*. Dave isn’t a full time writer.  He just has too much spare time on his hands.  By day he’s a corporate stooge, by night he’s a (two finger) typing fool.

Barista’s Guide isn’t the first novel he’s written. Let’s call the other ones practice runs.

He’s also an award winning filmmaker.  A title that sounds much more impressive than it really is.  He won a best comedy screenplay and cinematography award for one of the short films he wrote and directed, though at the time he didn’t really know what cinematography was. A completed screenplay is currently doing the rounds.

His sister is also a writer. Check out her amazing books here – Alli Sinclair.

Where to from here?  We’ll see…….

*Well, not actually breaking in.  Stealing blueprints, buying a van, assembling a crack team of heist experts, overriding security systems while suspended from the ceiling just seemed like a lot of hard work.  He’s decided to publish with Fahrenheit Press instead.


Proud member of Romance Writers of Australia & the ASA.



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